Module: Layout


The LayOut module is the root of the LayOut Ruby API. Many of the classes in the API are implemented beneath this module.


# Open an existing LayOut document.
doc ="C:/path/to/document.layout")

# Grab other handles to commonly used collections inside the model.
layers = doc.layers
pages = doc.pages
entities = doc.shared_entities

# Now that we have our handles, we can start pulling objects and making
# method calls that are useful.
first_entity = entities.first

number_pages = pages.length


  • LayOut 2018

Defined Under Namespace

Classes: AngularDimension, AutoTextDefinition, AutoTextDefinitions, ConnectionPoint, Document, Ellipse, Entities, Entity, FormattedText, Grid, Group, Image, Label, Layer, LayerInstance, Layers, LinearDimension, LockedEntityError, LockedLayerError, Page, PageInfo, Pages, Path, Rectangle, ReferenceEntity, SketchUpModel, Style, Table, TableCell, TableColumn, TableRow